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Month: December 2021

Make up products for traveling

5 makeup products perfect for travel

I love doing my makeup especially when I travel and I have the time to try every kind of makeup because i am on vacation and I am all open to put some colors on my eyes. But honestly, it is so hard to take makeup products with you since you have a baggage weight limit and no, you can’t leave your clothes out of it just because the morphe palette does not fit in. But, you can take travel versions of makeup products so that you save space, time to think what to leave home and what to take and you also avoid complaining to other people about the lack of space. I know, sounds impossible. There are 5 makeup products perfect for travel. 

Atelier Hamza

Atelier Hamza

Atelier Hamza, a fashion icon on the market.

There are so many clothing shops in the world I couldn’t even count them. We can definitely say that this industry met such a strong and fast improvement and development over the years that there are stores almost everywhere on the internet which is good. Now, we have a great variety of clothes that we can choose from, starting from small differences to big ones like styling, colors, trends and so on. 

But, in the name of being honest,  I would like to talk about a very specific brand that triggered my attention a year ago and that is Atelier Hamza. Their materials, their structure, their ideas and creativity and also their absolutely stunning and interesting designs would definitely make you fall in love with this brand. Let’s get straight into details and see why their hoodies are such a lovely first choice. 

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