Rare beauty just launched the new comfort body line which is totally amazing. Besides the fact it has incredible texture, the skin feels  hydrated and nourished after applying. These products are made in Korea and the quality is by far the best. Let’s get straight into details and see more about the comfort body line of Rare beauty and what the kit includes. 

Rare Beauty body lotion – Comfort body line

This product it’s absolutely my favorite. It also has a glow after applying and the skin feels relaxed and comfortable. I can tell by far the smell relaxes you because it has a welcoming scent. That kind of comfy you are looking for after a long bath. This can become a ritual of skin care and will definitely be on my list of applying after a shower.  

Rare Beauty Hydrating hand cream

It is so nice to have it in your jacket or purse. It is easy to travel with because of the size and the cute design. The smell is also very pleasant and it has a really good texture. It is not oily at all. It is just perfect for a cold winter day. This is definitely the perfect kit for winter holidays and the cold season. 

Comfort Body & Hair Mist 

A combination between lemon, jasmine and cashmere wood results in this amazing body and hair mist. It is refreshing to have it and use it after a long day. It definitely gives you straight and drive to continue the day on a positive note. It’s a boost for your attitude. I love it. It smells so pleasant and elegant. It heals you entirely.

Find Comfort Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen

The pen has mint and lavender and we all know the effect of these 2 in combination. It just relieves the stress and tension. It is a relaxing mode kit with hydration effects for skin. So easy to apply and use and you can take it with you at work. 

Another important aspect I would like to point out is that the bag is made from 43% post consumer recycled plastic. So the care and the love for both the environment and ourselves is what the kit wants to highlight.