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Month: January 2022


What products to use for natural daytime makeup?

Are you looking for some kind of makeup products you can use for natural daytime makeup. There are so many makeup products on the market that you can not decide which one to choose or which one suits you best. Well, that is a question for a lot of women out there. Especially if we are talking about a style of make up, girls have their own style that defines them. Some of the girls prefer strong and colorful makeup while others put emphasis on bright natural looks that put their face into a great light, revealing features of their face. 

Watching a Tv show

TV series you should watch If you haven’t done yet

What to watch as a series? This is what I ask myself especially when I have free time and nothing else to do. Choosing what to watch is such an issue because there are a lot of upcoming  good series and we have this tendency of wanting to see them all at once. Other times, we just don’t find anything good for our taste. To help you in your choice, here is the list of the series you should watch if you haven’t done yet. 

2022 books to read

Books you must read in 2022

Honestly, I have been searching for a good book for so long. I am so pretentious at books because I need them to have a good plot, complex way of getting character development and a lot of unpredictable turning points. I love romance, easy books, easy to read and to understand but I also need my time to recharge my batteries reading something difficult full of content and new knowledge and very rich in action. So, talking about that. I just want to share with you 5 books you must read in 2022 if you haven’t had time yet. 

Oriental parfumes

Why do people prefer oriental perfumes?

There are hundreds of fragrances, but oriental or amber parfumes can be distinguished by their intoxicating fragrance. This creates their reputation as seducers. Find out if these gourmet scents, ranging from patchouli to vanilla, are right for you.

Travel in France

You should go and visit the beauty of France soon

As we always want to go abroad in order to discover new horizons, France can offer you many astonishing landscapes and can be the perfect option for a city break or even long journey. I don’t know If you have ever been in France but the first thing that is going to trigger your attention is food. After food, you will be thrilled by the landscapes around, the culture, the beautiful language and their secret places where you can take instagramable pictures. Also you will fall in love with their manners and attitude. When you have the plenty of time, go and visit the beauty of France.

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