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Month: November 2021

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is dropping the RED album Taylor’s version November 12

Taylor Swift has been so active even in 2020 when everything just stopped for a bit. She dropped 2 new albums, Folklore and Evermore which were a great surprise for her fans. Nobody expected anything to come out because of the lockdown and global health situation. But Taylor wrote the albums even in those conditions and tried to approach a new music area. She put emphasis on folklore and its legendary stories having a lot of reference. She was inspired by hsitorical books, stories and characters.

South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe painted in Beige in the Summer

California has a lot of beautiful places where you can spend your holiday. Besides the biggest cities where you can do everything you saw in movies and more, there are some travel locations you should go to at least once in your life. It’s a great destination for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend and even better for a family trip. Do you like hiking, boat parties and tasty food? South Lake Tahoe is the perfect choice. Let’s get straight into details and see more about what Tahoe can offer.

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