Are you looking for the perfect hair mask that will hydrate your hair? Your shower routine is here! Insta-Bae 3 Minute Hair Mask is your option to try on! FoxyBae is a great brand for hair care and hair tools.The Insta-Bae 3 Minute Hair Mask is part of their range of products. The company is known for its products of hair straighteners, curling wands, hair dryers, and various hair care products. Moreover, products are designed to help people achieve various hair styling goals, from straight and sleek hair to voluminous curls and waves.

Insta-Bae 3 Minute Hair Mask

Because we all look for our hair care routine  and we need a hair mask to improve our hair quality depending on which problems it has, there is a 3 minute hair mask that has a formula that is cruelty free, vegan, Sulfate and Paraben Free. The benefits of the mask:

  •  the hair became soften and silky because of the Macadamia Oil
  • Coconut oil detangles hair and prevents split ends.
  • Amla oil adds natural volume to hair.
  • Tsubaki oil helps maintain and protect hair color.
  • Pitanga oil is good for a healthy scalp.
  • Biotin helps strengthen hair.
  • Kukui Oil Thermal Protection protects against heat and UV damage

How do we apply the Insta-Bae 3 Minute Hair Mask

After washing with shampoo, remove excess water and apply evenly to clean, damp hair (we prefer using a wide-tooth comb) -> Leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse. 

WHEN? Use before and after shampooing. For oily hair, apply only from mid-length to ends. 

Rinse thoroughly.

Insta-Bae 3 Minute Hair Mask

Mini Hair tools

The range of products it’s very interesting and impressive since they also have a travel mini size of dryer, flat iron, auto-curler and flat iron. So you can take them everywhere you do not have to worry about their place since they are small compared to the original big ones and easy to integrate in your package. Their colors are so nice in rose and pink and black and of course a beautiful marbel version of each. The quality is pretty good as the hair dries easily and fast depending on which step of speed you choose, it’s easy to hold and operate as well. 

White Marble Rose Gold Flat Iron

Hair care section

Here is the section where you find hair masks, dry shampoos, hair spray, shampoos and conditioner and so on. They developed a really complex catalog of products that helps your hair to look better, more natural and healthy as we all want. 

Here are some products you NEED to try on:

Maliboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo

This one is for those fat (haired) chicks out there who are looking for a little help taming their manes. Our Maliboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo helps visibly repair damage while providing intensive care for beautiful, strong and silky hair. Designed to support thicker, more manageable hair by smoothing and thinning from root to tip. This shampoo also contains our exclusive proprietary 12-in-1 blend, which contains all the ingredients you need to take your hair from frizzy to voluminous.

Always Sassy, Never Brassy Purple Conditioner

Conditioner will ensure your hair stays fresh and shiny, even in between trips to the hairdresser. It’s perfect for any natural or dyed blonde who wants cool undertones.

Turned Up Volumizing Dry Shampoo + Biotin

This one has great reviews as it moisturizes and volumizes the hair. It is awesome they have it as a travel option as the sea water usually deteriorates the hair. It is good to have it in your baggage for your trip.