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Ideas of Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming! Did you buy all of your gifts in advance? Right. Neither did I. But do you know what to actually give to the beloved people because sometimes it feels like you ran out of ideas. Here are a couple of ideas of Christmas gifts you CAN’T mistake with. 

It’s very important what kind of people you are dealing with when it comes to gifts. The main focus is on what they like, their interests and hobbies but most importantly their wishes. Due to the fact they never tell what they want let’s start the gift haunting together. 

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American Music Awards 50th Edition

The 50th edition of American Music Awards took place on 20st November 2022 at the Microsoft Theater in beautiful Los Angeles. The place was sparkling with huge names who stepped onto the red carpet such as: Taylor Swift, Dove Cameron, Bebe Rexha, Carrie Underwood, Pink and many more. The host of the night Wayne Brady, has also made an impressive and entertaining introduction of the event.

San Francisco

Work and Travel – Things you need to know

If you are a student you are able to apply to a lot of different activities and projects available. One of them is Work and Travel. Some of you may have heard of it and some didn’t. Work and travel is an exchange programme that allows you to work 3 month and gives you an extra 4th month to travel around. It is a project dedicated mostly to students from all around the world. It is an exciting and challenging experience that will open your vision of the world and will open you a lot of doors. Moreover, this will help you grow, develop your skills, find yourself and become more confident. How should you apply? What are the steps? Is it worth it? Let’s get straight into details and see more about this topic and find the answers you need.

Olivia Rodrigo

iHeart Music Awards 2022

A great edition of iHeart radio awards event took place in Los Angeles on 22 of March and revealed a great image of the music industry of what we know nowadays. We saw a lot of big names on stage. There was an astonishing show created by Jenifer Lopez . The event celebrated the most played artist on the well-known iHeart Music station. The show was a real success. It reminded us of the good old days when crowd used to go wild on stadiums. There were a lot of artists who won awards for different categories, let’s see the full list of winners below. 


Best movies of 2021

There was a lot of discussion regarding the best movie of 2021. Honestly each of them has something special, a little thing that makes them step out of the crowd. Some of them are the second or third movie of a series, others just debuted last year. We can see some improvements when it comes to images, special effects, actor’s playing and so on. Let’s see the best movies of 2021. 


Top 5 coffee experience taste in Asia

Asia is a place where you can meditate on yourself. There are many places in Asia where you can relax, recharge and reflect on life while having a coffee experience. In fact, people are increasingly interested in gaining experience and developing their personalities, emotional minds, and physical and mental health.

Watching a Tv show

TV series you should watch If you haven’t done yet

What to watch as a series? This is what I ask myself especially when I have free time and nothing else to do. Choosing what to watch is such an issue because there are a lot of upcoming  good series and we have this tendency of wanting to see them all at once. Other times, we just don’t find anything good for our taste. To help you in your choice, here is the list of the series you should watch if you haven’t done yet. 

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