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Month: February 2022


Top 5 coffee experience taste in Asia

Asia is a place where you can meditate on yourself. There are many places in Asia where you can relax, recharge and reflect on life while having a coffee experience. In fact, people are increasingly interested in gaining experience and developing their personalities, emotional minds, and physical and mental health.

5 types of high heels

5 types of high heels you should have in your dressing

Every woman has a favorite type of high heels she wants to wear on special occasions. That’s me at least. I have my stiletto black Louboutin and I have a tendency to wear it even if it’s a long elegant dress or a short summer dress. WRONG. There are a few types of shoes you should have in your dressing no matter what. I am not saying to spend hundreds on shoes, I am just saying to get a pair of high heels of each in order to fit each outfit you have in your wardrobe. Here are 5 types of high heels you should have in your dressing.

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