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Month: December 2022


How to clean your face properly using face masks? 5 Face masks you can do yourself home easily

Face masks are the ideal solution for cleaning our skin properly from the bottom of it to the surface. Our skin is exposed to hundreds of factors everyday. This is one of the reasons makeup artists suggest people to always have a BB cream or an easy foundation on our skin just to protect it from the UV light and also from germs and bacterias. The ideal choice to make is to have a daily routine with a complete facial massage and a set of products that will make your face glow.


Which perfume last the longest?

If the perfume lasts longest that means it expresses our state of mind. This is why perfumes for womens are important. It is a look, it is a mood. Like any other accessory in your wardrobe, perfume must be stored under certain conditions so that it does not lose its characteristics and can be used to its maximum potential.


Atelier Hamza, new clothing line, new collection OUT! 

Atelier Hamza is a clothing store for both women and men and has a variety of clothes and new collections dropped lately. Why Hamza? Because as a woman, if you like hoodie and inspirational quotes, it is a total must. If you are a man, you found your dream store! Great prices and good quality with inspirational quotes written in the back and forth of your hoodie. 


Mauritius, a cheap exotic trip choice in 2023

Exotic places to go on vacation are one of my favorite things in the world. I want to sleep while tanning under a palm tree. But do we know how cheap it is to go to an exotic place actually? We all live with the impression that this is supposed to be a big investment but actually is something affordable if you know how, where and when to go to an exotic place. Alright. Let’s see what Mauritius can offer as an exotic place for 2023.

How to keep your hair volume? Ways to maintain the volume of your hair 

Hair volume is one of 3 most important things we see when we meet someone right? The aspects, the look, the clothing, everything makes a great image of the person. But how great does the hair look when it has volume, texture and hydration? We follow the rules for a great skin care routine but should we do the same with hair? The answer is yes! Especially if you want hair volume you need to follow some steps in order to obtain that look. It is pretty simple and it does not matter if your hair is thin, dark, or dyed. 

Products skin care

Skin care products

Skin care routine became a must. Our skin needs to remain hydrated because it is exposed to particles and bacteria that needs to be taken away at the end of the day. It should be a relaxing activity for a woman but most important a hygienic and beneficial for her skin. When it comes to products, skincare routine products with high  quality and good performance outcomes are hard to find. There is a long list with skin care products that work! Let’s get straight to details and see more about these products, where you find them and their benefits.


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