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Which perfume last the longest?

If the perfume lasts longest that means it expresses our state of mind. This is why perfumes for womens are important. It is a look, it is a mood. Like any other accessory in your wardrobe, perfume must be stored under certain conditions so that it does not lose its characteristics and can be used to its maximum potential.

Each of us has searched or is still searching for the right perfume for our skin. We want the aroma that reflects our personality and gives us confidence when we use it, but nothing can be worse and more disappointing than when the chosen perfume does not last long enough. But what are the perfumes that last the longest and where we can find them? The best perfumes for women that last longest you will find below!

Whether you wear a single perfume, which represents you and has become your “signature”, whether you like to change it depending on your emotional state, time of day, season or for any other reason you choose to do so, we will give you a couple of perfumes that will last even longer than you imagined. 

Tips and tricks on how to apply the perfume to last longer

The indicated areas to apply the perfume are: the lower wrists of the arms, behind the earlobes, at the base of the neck, the lower part of the elbows and behind the knees. 

Apply at most 2 of these places because even if you are tempted, you don’t want to exaggerate the smell felt by the people around you, some of them may be disturbed. Normally, the perfume does not have to announce your arrival, but it is better to be discovered in your presence.

Bring your parfume with you

Your olfactory receptors send an electrical signal to the brain when they detect a new smell, after which over time they will be busy discerning other smells and will no longer send signals to the brain, which is why you no longer smell the perfume in question. Many people have the perfume in their car, purse, satchel and reuse it throughout the day, some share this secret with others, others don’t.

Do not try to “help” the perfume to enter the skin by rubbing the area where you applied the perfume, let it penetrate naturally into the pores of the skin and the aroma will last longer. Avoid rubbing your wrists together after application to prevent the scent from “crushing”. By rubbing, the microscopic molecules of the perfume are broken, reducing its persistence and changing its smell. If you still want to transfer your perfume to the other wrist, for example, do it by lightly dabbing the wrists and not by rubbing them.

Perfumes that last longest

Giorgio Armani Sì Passione Intense

This is the perfume that really drags you into a different world. It smells so sensual and it lasts more than 48 hours. It is also very elegant and vibrant with the sweets notes but is not aggressive and I feel like it can be worn on a daily basis. 

My geisha – Musk

It is an intriguing type of perfume that makes you fall in love at first sight. It brings out the Arabian oriental flavor. It has notes of amber,woody, coconut, patchouli, bergamot and lilac. It lasts more than one day and you can still smell it on your clothes after you wash it. Is insane!

Valentino Born In Roma Donna

I mean Valentino is that type of perfume you have when you have a night out and want to impress. You will feel sweet and deep jasmine notes. It is perfectly complemented by the warm and sweet vanilla, which lingers even after the fragrance fades, when the woody tones are fully revealed.

My geisha – Sakura

It is all about pink flowers right from Tokyo. This is a luxury and unique scent from My Geisha brand. Its property is so strong that you can’t get rid of the smell even after you wash it as in the case of Musk. So be careful where and how much you put from the perfume. 

Nasomatto Narcotic V.

This is the kind of perfume that is a combination between sweetness notes and spicy ones. It is more of an interesting scent than an usual one. I would recommend it for a special occasion or for a wedding of course. It is glamorous and passionate and hard to forget, but easy to remember.


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