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Atelier Hamza

Atelier Hamza

Atelier Hamza, a fashion icon on the market.

There are so many clothing shops in the world I couldn’t even count them. We can definitely say that this industry met such a strong and fast improvement and development over the years that there are stores almost everywhere on the internet which is good. Now, we have a great variety of clothes that we can choose from, starting from small differences to big ones like styling, colors, trends and so on. 

But, in the name of being honest,  I would like to talk about a very specific brand that triggered my attention a year ago and that is Atelier Hamza. Their materials, their structure, their ideas and creativity and also their absolutely stunning and interesting designs would definitely make you fall in love with this brand. Let’s get straight into details and see why their hoodies are such a lovely first choice. 

Atelier Hamza materials

Atelier Hamza is a Romanian brand born out of creativity and determination and they have done such a great job since everyone is wearing their clothing line and they are really well-known in Romania and also very appreciated abroad. 

They use high quality materials as they really want to give the customer the best experience possible. So they frequently use cotton for their products in order to provide comfort for those who wear them. Their collections can be described in two words: comfy and very easy to wear. Also their items keep you warm for the winter and are perfect for each and every type of work you have in a day whether we talk about going on a walk, throwing a party or going to watch a movie. 


Of course, the quality of the products are very high but what makes them very special are their designs with specific drawings on them and inspirational quotes. They have a very unique type of drawing on their products and they keep on improving them or adding some new models. Also I can tell you some of my favorite quotes they have on their products: Calm, nothing is under control; Inner peace comes from a calm mind; Change the world, don’t let the world change you. 

Atelier Hamza


Hamza offers a great variety of products for men, women and also for kids. They have in theri collections not only hoodies but also sweatshirts, t-shirt, turtleneck, skirts, jackets and even accessories. Everything is unique and diverse and has its own story. Even the socks they have on their page are very interesting since they have a message split in two, one for each leg: Is it better to free your mind? Or live in blissful ignorance?

Hamza team

Their team is very friendly and they also try to help you as much they can with your order. If you have any questions they are very fast in answering and they give you all the details you require. They are also professional, your order arrives very fast if you are in Romania since Hamza is a Romanian brand. If you are out of Romanian borders the package will arrive depending on where you are located. You can check this information on their website. 


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    There are many clothing stores in the world but there are only a few that actually care about customer satisfaction .

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