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Trendy NA-KD jackets 2023

Trendy NA-KD jackets 2023 – Fall collection 2023

Are you looking for your perfect and comfortable jacket for this fall? Have you forgotten about the ones you have in your closets or just got bored of them? Trendy NA-KD jackets are your best choices for this “back to school” time. Here are some examples you may find on their stores or website. 

Fashion trends

Fashion trends 2023

Fashion trends 2023. As we approach the new year, fashion enthusiasts are eager to see what the latest trends will be. 2023 promises to bring some exciting new styles and designs, with many top designers and fashion houses already showcasing their latest collections. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most exciting fashion trends that are predicted to dominate in 2023, with a special focus on the luxury brands Gucci and Balenciaga.


Atelier Hamza, new clothing line, new collection OUT! 

Atelier Hamza is a clothing store for both women and men and has a variety of clothes and new collections dropped lately. Why Hamza? Because as a woman, if you like hoodie and inspirational quotes, it is a total must. If you are a man, you found your dream store! Great prices and good quality with inspirational quotes written in the back and forth of your hoodie. 


Convenient Clothing stores: Shein, Fashion Nova, H & M, Tj Maxx

At the budget expenses, to be honest you need to take care of your savings now more than ever taking a look on what is happening with the prices. But clothes are not something you skip when it comes to women. Being on trend, having quality clothes at a convenient price is ideal. But do we know where and how we find them? Convenient clothing stores have been growing in the past few years due to the infrastructure created online. Now with the websites and social media selling platform, the offline stores are now overrated. Among the clothing stores with convenient prices there are some that trigger international audience’s attention and that are: Shein, Fashion Nova, H&M, Tj Maxx. Let’s go further to see why these can be a perfect choice for your styling outfit.

5 types of high heels

5 types of high heels you should have in your dressing

Every woman has a favorite type of high heels she wants to wear on special occasions. That’s me at least. I have my stiletto black Louboutin and I have a tendency to wear it even if it’s a long elegant dress or a short summer dress. WRONG. There are a few types of shoes you should have in your dressing no matter what. I am not saying to spend hundreds on shoes, I am just saying to get a pair of high heels of each in order to fit each outfit you have in your wardrobe. Here are 5 types of high heels you should have in your dressing.

Atelier Hamza

Atelier Hamza

Atelier Hamza, a fashion icon on the market.

There are so many clothing shops in the world I couldn’t even count them. We can definitely say that this industry met such a strong and fast improvement and development over the years that there are stores almost everywhere on the internet which is good. Now, we have a great variety of clothes that we can choose from, starting from small differences to big ones like styling, colors, trends and so on. 

But, in the name of being honest,  I would like to talk about a very specific brand that triggered my attention a year ago and that is Atelier Hamza. Their materials, their structure, their ideas and creativity and also their absolutely stunning and interesting designs would definitely make you fall in love with this brand. Let’s get straight into details and see why their hoodies are such a lovely first choice. 

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