There are hundreds of fragrances, but oriental or amber parfumes can be distinguished by their intoxicating fragrance. This creates their reputation as seducers. Find out if these gourmet scents, ranging from patchouli to vanilla, are right for you.

Oriental or amber perfume

Oriental or amber fragrances have a very pronounced base note. It can be soft and deep, or sometimes spicy/sweet, greedy, but always develops a sensuality specific to the Orient. This is why oriental fragrances have a reputation for perfumes of seduction. Their base notes permeate textiles and skin, and, with their heavy molecules, they only evaporate after several hours, or even days. Oriental fragrances are generally created from the essence of precious woods, exotic plants such as patchouli, vanilla, or even musk.

You can use either oil perfume or simply perfume.

Oriental oil parfumes
Oriental oil parfumes

François Coty created first so-called “oriental” perfume in 1908. Its name was Ambre Antique. François Coty had a composition of ambergris and vanilla. It is moreover since the creation of this fragrance that we speak of amber perfume, synonymous with oriental perfume.

What are oriental fragrances for?

Orientals-florals have a touch of romantic freshness , but they are also often spicy or woody, and therefore powerful. These are not intended for young girls but for a more mature female customer. They will suit those who want to please, while being romantic, sensitive, generous and warm. The heart or top notes will consist of essence of jasmine, lily of the valley or lily, which gives the perfume that sensual romanticism. Because even if the heart or top notes are floral, the base notes that create the oriental fragrance are sweet, gourmet and suave. So this is why oriental or amber parfumes can be distinguished very easily.

Orientals with a base note of patchouli, more bewitching and persistent, will correspond better to strong personalities, and to seductresses. Even if you do not feel the soul of a femme fatale, an oriental perfume may suit you. Why? Just because they are especially made for those who assume their sensuality, whether they are fully expressed or more introverted.

But oriental perfumes are not the preserve of women! The men also can enjoy their specificities, particularly with Selfish of Chanel, a classic men’s fragrance.

4 categories of oriental perfumes

1 The woody flowers

They have woody base notes of cedar or sandalwood, very present for an assumed femininity .

2 Flowery semi-amber

Their floral notes of carnation, lily or jasmine bring a freshness that balances with the more pronounced base notes.

3 Spicy flowers

The spices are nutmeg, cinnamon or cloves. They give the perfume a strong and daring character .

4 Soft amber

The sweetness of these perfumes makes their fragrance irresistible and authentic, all in sensuality.