Pandora collection jewelry is one of the most emblematic and recognizable jewelry brands because of their charms trend. Their bracelets are unique, their conceptual charms are marvelous and their aesthetic is glamorous.

They have a Valentine’s day beauty comeback after the Disney collection which was so successful during the last season. Now all men should calm down and get themself to see the latest collection for their girlfriends. Yes, this thing never gets old. I missed seeing men in jewelery’s shops more than womens. 


Pandora’s new charms

This collection embraces the love and happiness in red because it is the most representative color. So the collection’s main distinguishing color is red followed by gold and shades of gold and champagne rose that trigger;s women’s attention. There are different shapes: hearts, locks, hearts, charms, rings, earrings and many more. There are a couple of cute necklaces with fine touch, not something extravagant. If you are more into discret, this is your collection. 


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