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Travel bags, packing efficiently

If you are eager to travel and your life revolves around going here and there you may know how to pack your bag wisely and efficiently. Here are a couple of things you should know before packing your bag. One of them is that extra stuff will always get into your boyfriend’s baggage. Facts. But let’s get straight into details and see how you can cover all you needed things in one bag. You don’t need to leave anything behind, such as shampoo or toothbrush. But of course, there are certain things you may buy from the destination you are going to.

Makeup travel bag

As women, there are things we cannot live without. One of them is of course make up and the products of skin routine we need to take with us. We most likely take the cream from day and night, the cleansing we usually use, hydratation oil and some face masks. For the make up products try to find the mini option of each product you use. For example mini versions of mascara, foundation, illuminator and so on. Basically there are a lot of travel mini versions coming out from the products we use just because we do not need such big quantities to take with us and fill space.

Also for the hair and body find the same travel versions you can travel with and I will give some examples down here from where you can find them and how big they are. If you are going for a week or 2 are ideally for you but if you are gone a month well it may not work for you. 

Clothing travel bag

You always start with dresses or clothing with a soft material such as satin or silk. You place them UNFOLD and you put one another in the baggage without fitting completely in the baggage so some of the cloth will be outside. Do not worry, do this until you finish with the dress and then fold the exterior to the interior in order to fit in the baggage completely. You saved so much space now. Next step is to place the shirts and t-shirts and then pants and accessories. And then you go with the underwear which you will place at the interior border of the baggage. Hoodies and sweatshirts at the very end. 

Shoes packing

This is the main problem when it comes to traveling. Do you have a plastic bag? All right, place the shoes upside down in the baggage and then place them in the other compartment of the baggage. So that on the right side you will have clothing and on the left side the shoes, sneakers and whatever you want to bring with you. 

Swimsuits travel bag

These are the easiest. Roll them until you have a stick on your hands from your swimsuits and then place them in the pockets of the baggage. Those pockets are made for your swimsuits and flip flops. 


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