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Top 5 coffee experience taste in Asia

Asia is a place where you can meditate on yourself. There are many places in Asia where you can relax, recharge and reflect on life while having a coffee experience. In fact, people are increasingly interested in gaining experience and developing their personalities, emotional minds, and physical and mental health.

Asian traditions, cultural values ​​and views on life, as long as you look for it, can build an attitude of confidence, stability and freshness. Also, you will be able to experience their cuisine and specialties. While you are there, remember that they are one of the best coffee suppliers in Europe. They are not only spiritual capital, but also major players in the coffee market. Your coffee taste and smell can be identified from anywhere.

So if you happen to travel anywhere in Asia, you should visit some cafes before returning to your country. Don’t forget to pack some extra beans to take home. Your friends will have to believe you when you tell them about one of the best coffee experiences in Asia.

Metal Hands –  Beijing, China

Metal Hands is a great coffee shop like you’ve never seen in your life. Why? The reason is simple, despite their small size, they are delicate on the inside. They are known for their high quality coffee and special flavors and interior design. The lobby is transformed into a factory space with a transparent roasting room surrounded by an irregularly shaped, curved concrete bar. So people sitting around the bar can easily see the barista and the maker in action.

La Viet – Da Lat, Vietnam

They have an incredible 5 star rating on Tripadvisor. Yes, they are really good at making coffee. La viet in Da Lat is not only a cafe, but also a farm and factory. They pay attention to their products. The coffee plaza is filled with coffee plants, and the production process is entered while enjoying a cappuccino. Awesome coffee experience!

Seniman Coffee Studio – Bali, Indonesia

They are a specialty coffee roaster. They are one of the main coffee bean suppliers to the HORECA industry in Indonesia and abroad. Because of their complexity, their coffee is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. The espresso drinks with siphon and milk coffee are simply an incredibly delicious experience. Your coffee will be fresh and full-bodied with a smell you won’t forget.

Joma Bakery Cafe – Luang Prabang, Laos

They are an elegant cafe using foreign and local ingredients. They specialize in quality food and great coffee. Their coffee is organic and grown in southern Laos by farmers’ community cooperatives. They have a keen eye for detail when serving you coffee. Besides their coffee, you will also love their delicious ice cream.

Thanks nature Cafe – Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a little paradise in Asia. The concept of the cafe there is absolutely stunning. You can sit there and enjoy coffee while listening to BTS, the best boy band of the time. Thanks nature Cafe is located near the campus of Hongik University and is known as Sheep Cafe because of the many sheep decorations on its exterior. They also have two real sheep there called Honey and Sugar, very cute and ready to be hugged by tourists. You can also feed and interact with them. The people are hospitable and the coffee is fresh and delicious. You can also try some of the locally famous Banana Strawberry Waffles or other dishes they prepare. This place will be a coffee experience.


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