Taylor Swift has been so active even in 2020 when everything just stopped for a bit. She dropped 2 new albums, Folklore and Evermore which were a great surprise for her fans. Nobody expected anything to come out because of the lockdown and global health situation. But Taylor wrote the albums even in those conditions and tried to approach a new music area. She put emphasis on folklore and its legendary stories having a lot of reference. She was inspired by hsitorical books, stories and characters.

We are so used to seeing Taylor getting out of her comfort zone. She is always trying new music while writing stories in her songs, and putting a lot of passion into it.

Moreover, she decided to re-recorded her first albums starting with Fearless. Now she keeps on going with RED that should be dropped this November on 12th. 

Fans are so excited to hear 30 songs. Also there is going to be 10 minutes version of one of her most heartbreaking songs “All too well”. The big surprise is that Taylor has prepared for this album some songs that were never heard. This songs come from the vault and did not get into the first record. Anyway, we are going to have some surprises this November.

Taylor’s  version of Red album

In 2012 when the album was released first it spent seven weeks atop the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. The album was also certified seven times platinum in the U.S. Taylor became the first female artist to have three consecutive albums spend at least six weeks at No. 1. 

Red album has such an intensity and extraordinary feeling. There are so many emotions you go through while listening to the album. What can express a feeling better than music, lyrics and of course, a color. Taylor said that RED is such a bold and expressive color. Red indicates emotions you feel while listening to some of her songs such as: I knew you were trouble. This song literally makes you vision how you saw the red flags from the very first start. Anyway you just go for it and the shame is on you not on the person that broke your heart. Holy ground is another great song. It talks about the thoughts of a relationship that did not end up well but you realised it was healty at the time. It’s a reflection of a relationship that could have been enough and good for a certain moment in your life. 

There are so many more songs that can literally change your vibe. While listening the Red album you can get ‘happy, free, confused and lonely” at the same time.

The best surprise with this album is the 10 minutes version of “ All too well”. She also prepared a music video for “All too well” and we could not be happier than that. As we expected, she introduced some songs from the vault as she did to her previous album Fearless Taylor’s version. Some songs from the vault are: Better man, Nothing new, Babe, Message in a bottle, I bet you think about me, Forever winter, Run.

Taylor Swift Red Merchandise 

As we know, once with the album Taylor dropped some merchandise that you can see and order online. There is a ring, hoodies, scarfs, sweaters, t-shirt and so on. Also you can pre-order the album right now. 

Saturday Night Live & American music awards 

American music awards are coming on 22 November. Taylor has 3 nominees including the artist of the year. Now she has the freedom to try some other valence of art. She does not need to prove anything anymore. For example she enjoys directing music videos which we already know she is very good at since she released “The man”.

Also, she will be a special guest on Saturday Night Live on 12th November .So we all can watch her singing there since we miss her going on stage and being on tour. Due to global situation, Taylor had to reschedule and cancel some of her concerts. Hopefully we will see her back on the road next year enjoying singing with her.