California has a lot of beautiful places where you can spend your holiday. Besides the biggest cities where you can do everything you saw in movies and more, there are some travel locations you should go to at least once in your life. It’s a great destination for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend and even better for a family trip. Do you like hiking, boat parties and tasty food? South Lake Tahoe is the perfect choice. Let’s get straight into details and see more about what Tahoe can offer.

Tahoe, as a travel destination

It is a paradise for the simple fact that Tahoe is built around this lake where you can go swimming, enjoying the sun and the cold fresh water. You can go to boat parties, eat incredible tasty and diverse food and relax. It is a quiet place where you can meditate and recharge your batteries for the crazy life of big cities. If you are from San Francisco or Los Angeles you are just a couple of hours away from Tahoe and it’s worth it.

Why Tahoe?

Why? Simple, let me tell you some of the activities you can do while you are there.

Going with a gondola to see the city. Going to see some of the greatest beaches with such clear turquoise water you will fall in love with: Emerald bay, Baldwin Beach, Nevada Beach, Sand Harbour, Lakeside Beach and so on. Rent a boat and go to swim. Also you can rent a paddleboard and go to the lake, parasailing, or just enjoy the sun and have a beer. If you are interested in golf you can go at the beginning of July when the golf tournament begins. There is a possibility you’ll go home with a new passion and maybe the memory of meeting Justin Timbarlake, the one that joins the tournament every year. If you are into hiking, well there is a perfect place for that just because there are so many mountain peaks you can go too. Bring your friend, you don’t want to see a bear tho. They are innocent but better safe than sorry right?

What about the food?

Even if you are more into fine dining, or fast food burgers and pizza, you will find good and tasty food. Moreover, the vibe while you are there is so chill, relaxing and cozy. So depending on what you will want to eat I would strongly recommend you Base Camp pizza which is a great place to go not only for food but also for an incredible, friendly and professional personal and for great talented and attractive singers they have every night. So they have live music every day and night and people can come and enjoy it while drinking a glass of wine or Margarita prepared by the best bartenders in the world. Did I mention pizza? Well yes, pizza is their speciality and they have really good types that will blow your mind. Tried it. Huge fan of it. It’s a must. 

For mornings I would recommend Sprouts just because they have a variety of healthy food with a lot of ingredients rich in vitamins such as: smoothies, fresh juices, soup and salads, and of course healthy burritos and sandwiches. Breakfast is very important as the food needs to be consistent so choose your place carefully. 

Nightlife in Tahoe

If you don’t go out at least one night in Tahoe you better don’t go at all especially when you have all of those casinos around. The night life is wild, you can have so much fun there, crazy parties for students, and a lot of good music. 

Don’t forget to go to Hard Rock if you are a fan of rock music. They have so many important objects signed by rock legends such as Kurt Cobain. Also keep an eye on their event schedule since they host a lot of country music concerts and many more. 

Tahoe is also a good place for a bachelor party. Take your girls and come to have your night before the big day. Relieve the stress and get your girls on the dance floor. Also for grooms, you have one more chance to change your mind. You have a variety of places where you can go have some drinks with your guys. 

Work in Tahoe

If you want to find a summer job, Tahoe can be a great choice for you. Not only will you have a productive summer but also you will make friends, gain experience and get ready for other challenges in your life. You develop a lot by traveling and meeting people. You can learn from others and they learn from you and trust me, Tahoe holds such positive people you will be happy and motivated at work. What is better than working in a place where you can feel as if you are in a family. Moreover, after work you have the lake just a few minutes from where you are. 

Don’t forget to go shopping! The merchandise with lake tahoe, emerald bay, bears, restaurants and others are really great. You can’t go home without a hoodie at least. Not to mention there are some beautiful jewelries with the lake shape you can go buy that will last forever or if you are brave enough you will go home with a new tattoo and a lot of great memories.