Skin care routine is one of the most important things we have to do. Before and after removing our make up we need to have perfect skin. We need to take care of our vitality and natural skin even though we do not use makeup. Skin is the first thing from our body that makes contact with a lot of impurities. As we wash our hands several times a day, we need to wash our body and after that to follow a certain schedule with products that suit your type of skin. A dermatologist can tell you what products can work on your skin, so DO NOT use products on your own discernment. It is very important to have an opinion from a specialist in this field. 

1. Make-up removal

To prevent pimples and wrinkles, regardless of age, the basic rule is to remove makeup twice a day: morning and evening, whether or not we wore makeup during the day.

Although the make-up remover may be different depending on the type of skin we have. The general recommendation is to apply it using an upward, circular motion, so as to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

2. Tonic lotion for skin care

Many people tend not to include tonic lotion in their skin care routine, considering it useless. Experts, however, point out the benefits of this step: after removing make-up and cleaning the skin of impurities, the toner removes any residue left behind by the make-up remover, as well as any make-up that has not been removed by removing make-up. Thus, the skin will be prepared to absorb moisturizer.

3. Exfoliation

This is an important step for skin care routine. It is recommended that the exfoliation take place after toning and before hydration. Most dermatologists agree that exfoliation should take place 1-3 times a week. This depends on the type of skin and how each skin reacts to the exfoliation in particular. It is recommended that you experiment to find out the right frequency of the exfoliation process for you.

In terms of options available, there are chemical scrubs and granular scrubs. Both can bring good results in removing dead skin cells, but chemical scrubs, such as AHA and BHA, are often more effective in deep penetrating pores and removing residues.

4. Moisturizer

Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. People with oily skin should opt for light moisturizers, while people with dry skin should use richer creams.

5. Sun protection

The sun is one of the main factors in the appearance of premature aging. Moreover the sun is the number one cause of skin cancer.

Therefore, using a moisturizer that contains SPF or applying a sunscreen after the moisturizer is the key step in protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Last but not least, be patient when trying a new care routine. Your skin needs time to get used to the new products. It can sometimes have a negative effect at first. But this usually goes away after the skin has time to adjust. If the results do not improve after a certain period of time (about a month), it may be necessary to change the products you use.