Natural makeup is a mood nowadays. The old fashioned smokey eyes can be forgotten. A shiny and clean face with a little shade of contouring and accentuating clean eyes with dazzling long eyelashes and a little bit faded color is what girls are into nowadays. Including defined and beautiful lips, girls are looking for natural makeup looks that will define and underline their natural features. Look what products should you use for a natural makeup look.

Foundation: Make up forever HD Skin

This is one of the best foundations you can choose for a natural makeup look. It does not have a big coverage and it feels so well the texture and it’s easy to apply. You can either choose a beauty blender to apply or a brush. It will give you such a nice and clean look on your face.

Contouring: Rare Beauty – Always sunny

This is the type of contouring you need to have for a fresh and natural look. especially when the products are vegan and cruelty free and it’s so easy to apply on your face. Rare beauty is also one of the natural makeup brands. You can blend it very easily and it fades in the foundation very nicely. The texture is very creamy and you can create the look you want and also make that 3D look on the face.

Highlighter – Sleek

A very shiny but elegant look created by the Sleek highlighter. This is the perfect choice for a natural look. You have 4 shades of choice you can have and combine. It is very pigmented so be careful. It’s also perfect for a natural glow makeup.

Eyeliner – Rare Beauty matte

A very high class eyeliner that will complete your natural look really well. It will give you a glam note to your beautiful eyes. The matte eyeliner will stay untouched all day long. You can wear it at work, home, on an event, basically on your daily lifestyle routine. All natural makeup needs this product on.

Lipstick – Pupa milano “I’m collection”

To complete your look, add your signature lipstick. For a natural look go with something nude, something light on your lips. It’s up to you if you choose matte or gloss but this is “I’m” lipstick with a very nice feeling of  gloss and makes your lips look hotter.