Christmas is coming! Did you buy all of your gifts in advance? Right. Neither did I. But do you know what to actually give to the beloved people because sometimes it feels like you ran out of ideas. Here are a couple of ideas of Christmas gifts you CAN’T mistake with. 

It’s very important what kind of people you are dealing with when it comes to gifts. The main focus is on what they like, their interests and hobbies but most importantly their wishes. Due to the fact they never tell what they want let’s start the gift haunting together. 

Electronic gadgets

I would not go for a smartphone itself but a pair of airpods, beats, accessories for your gadgets, like mouse or keyboard. Things you know will be useful for the person in use. If your budget extends a lot, go for bigger choices such as smartphones, Iwatch, laptop, Ipad. Either way, pack it with love and give it to that person.


If you have friends or family that are crazy about books like me, you can go to the store and pick some great editions. New york times bestseller or new drop but choose something on their spirit. 

Little decoration/ products 

Smelly candles, mini products edition,  advent calendars or Christmas decorations are really nice gifts. Also DIY products, something hand made like a personal globe or personal mug for a perfect morning coffee on Christmas morning.  

City break

I mean, who wouldn’t want to go on a city break? And it is not as expensive as you may think. It does not have to ve oversees, it can be to the closest country but an escape from daily life. Let me give you the best places to be during the holidays: New York, Paris, Hong Kong, London, Budapest, Berlin.


This world of perfumes is a never ending discussion. I can relate because there are different types of perfumes from sweet to floral to wood and so on. Moreover, there are high quality brands that come with new products every year with fresh and special perfumes and new impressive recipients for them. This gift never gets old. Some of the perfumes of this year are: 

  • Libre – YSL
  • Tom Ford Beauty
  • HERMÈSTwilly d’Hermès
  • GRAFF Lesedi La Rona Iv 
  • Jo malone Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne
  • Dime – 7 summers