How to clean makeup brushes? To achieve perfect make-up, you need three things: having the right products according to your skin type, having the right tools for each part of the face and having clean brushes. Using the right brushes saves time, makes the morning stage of makeup much more pleasant and displays perfect makeup that lasts longer. 

Practical and hygienic, they allow you to obtain a result worthy of professionals without dirtying your hands and fingers. Many people forget to clean their brushes, yet brush hygiene is essential. Little cleaned or badly cleaned, the brushes are real nests for bacteria. With its few wise tips, the editorial helps you today to properly clean your makeup brushes.

Why wash your brushes?

If the brushes make it possible to obtain a pretty, perfectly even complexion, they however require impeccable cleaning so as not to cause the opposite effect. Just as you take care of your skin, you have to take care of these beautiful tools. Otherwise taking care of your skin every morning and every evening is no longer useful.

Used daily, they accumulate germs, dust and bacteria that most often thrive in humid environments like the bathroom. And once you put the bristles of your brushes on your face, these bacteria then settle on the skin with the direct consequence: acne.

Unwashed brushes prevent optimal makeup application and shorten the life of your tools. For example, you won’t get the true color of an eyeshadow if your brush is still soaked in other pigments.

How often should you clean your brushes?

Complexion brushes (foundation, blush and concealer) should be washed several times a week while eye brushes should be cleaned more often (ideally after each use) to avoid mixing make-up colors. Of course, if you’re short on time, give yourself a “brush cleaning break” on the weekend. As for the sponges, they must be cleaned at least twice a week.

What products to wash your brushes with?

To clean brushes, you only need very few products: warm water, soap or organic shampoo in which you can add a drop of olive oil, a towel or a paper towel, and a bowl if you have several brushes to wash.

How to wash your brushes?

  1. Pour the product: put a few drops of soap or organic shampoo or brush cleaner in the palm of your hand
  1. Add water: slightly wet your brush, then rub it in the palm of your hand in circular motions to lather the products. Repeat the action until the make-up impregnated in the brush is completely disgorged.
  1. Rinse the brush: Dip the brush in a bowl filled with lukewarm water and rinse well.
  1. Dry the brush: place the brush on a sheet of paper towel or on a towel, reshape the bristles. Let the brush dry horizontally, letting the bristles stick out.
Kayleigh Noelle