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How to clean a beauty blender correctly?

We all use different methods for applying our foundation on our face. Most of us use a beauty blender which is a perfect way to apply the product. It helps you cover the entire face and uniform the product on the skin.Their porous structure is what helps you apply makeup products as well as foundation, concealer or BB cream and blend to get a perfect makeup. 

But the same structure of makeup sponges makes them an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria. If not cleaned properly, after each use, makeup sponges become extremely dangerous to the health of your skin. Remains of products and moisture remain inside them, causing bacteria to multiply.

And if you rinse your makeup sponges after use, do nothing but remove the top layer of cosmetics. Dangerous residues remain in the depth of the sponge. That is why it is important to clean them properly.Here’s how to properly clean makeup sponges:

Cleaning beauty blender under running water

 The easiest way to clean a makeup sponge is under running water. Let the hot water flow and moisten the makeup sponge well under running water. Moisten an antibacterial soap and then rub the sponge on it on all sides. Press the spouts firmly under running water until the water is perfectly clean. Repeat the procedure if your sponge is not thoroughly cleaned and the water is still dirty.

It is very important to then rinse the sponge under running water with the same squeezing movements. There should be no foam coming out of your sponge at all. After you have cleaned it well, squeeze it and let it dry.

Disinfection of beauty blender in the microwave

Another very effective trick for cleaning and disinfecting makeup sponges is to use the microwave. In a heat-resistant cup, put a few drops of dishwashing detergent, then fill it halfway with water. Put the makeup sponge in the cup, put the cup in the microwave and turn it on at high temperature for a minute.

Remove the cup, leave it to cool for a while until you can handle the sponge and then squeeze it well. Repeat the procedure if your sponge is not perfectly clean. Finally, rinse the sponge under running water to remove traces of detergent and let it dry. Due to the high temperature, the makeup sponges are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in this way.

Cleaning beauty blender with oil sponges

It may not seem like a good idea to clean a makeup sponge with oil, but it is an effective technique that works. The oil has the ability to dissolve and disintegrate makeup products, so it is very effective for cleansing. It will penetrate inside the makeup sponge and remove stubborn makeup marks, which can be difficult to clean even with soap or detergent.

Put half a cup of sunflower or olive oil in a bowl and soak the beauty blender well. Squeeze and soften a few times, and finally squeeze it well. Then wash the makeup sponge under running water, using a soap or dishwashing detergent, to remove traces of cosmetics and oil from the sponge.

How to use beauty blender after cleaning it 

First, make sure the beauty blender does not stay in a palace where it is dust or dirty so that it will remain clean until you use it. When you want to use it, wash your hands first. It is very important for you to have your hands clean when you do something on your face, eyes, and skin. Depending on what you are using it for, take it, wash it a little bit to be softer and flexible and then apply the product on your face easily. Do the same thing for concealer or for whatever you are using it for after it. 

Make sure to clean it after every use! It is a must!


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