Do you know that our nails, hair and face are our business card girls? It is well known that people’s first impression is based on our looks. That implies our hair, face, nails and clothes. It is very important to us to be groomed and take care of our looks as much as we can. This doesn’t mean that we have to spend a lot of money on products and salons in order to have our hair and nails done. To be honest, we save a lot of time doing these things at home. 

For example, I like to do my hair and nails at home. It is much easier, I don’t have to leave my house and spend a lot of time in traffic jams and the result looks fantastic. Moreover, it is very important to use professional and high quality products. I have used a lot of products since I first started to make my nails and I stopped at one particular brand that satisfies my desires and that is Madam Glam.

Madam Glam Products

Madam Glam

Everything that you want from gels, polygels, lamps and so on can be found on their website. You can take a starter kit and then refuel your stock as I do. I like the neon colors and the Chapter 7: Flirty and Thriving Collection since the summer is coming and I have a feeling to put color on me when the sun comes. Summer vibes only. 

Moreover their newly launched collection is out now and I like the colors so vibrant and alive like yellow, baby blue, nude pink, green, violet. I feel like their colors are very hard to find in the usual stores, especially these warm colors. 

Also they have One Step Gel Polish either Cream or Shimmer. There are some accessories and lamps you can use along with the products and their prices are very accessible. 

Last but not least, I love their pudding gels, these are my old time favorite and I usually take them with me when I travel around. It has a silky cream texture and it can be blended easily. 

Why do I use Madam Glam products?

The best part of it is that I can take everything with me on vacation. I usually do not have time to get everything done on time. So I take my gels with me. I save a lot of time doing my nails on my own with their products. They dry fast enough and it does not flow. Also I can switch the colors however I want. The quality of the products are satisfying and I gladly recommend them!

How often do I change my nails?

Once a week or once every two weeks. It depends on how much they grow. If I get bored of the color on my nails I switch it like 3 days after I get my nails done. This is another advantage I don’t have to make any appointments for doing my nails and also I do not have to wait for someone to make time for me. 

It’s a must!

Enjoy your time home, do things efficiently, take advantage of those magnificent vibrant colors for the summer and try them! They ship everywhere not only in the US and they keep on getting new products soon so keep an eye on them and stay tuned!