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2022 books to read

Books you must read in 2022

Honestly, I have been searching for a good book for so long. I am so pretentious at books because I need them to have a good plot, complex way of getting character development and a lot of unpredictable turning points. I love romance, easy books, easy to read and to understand but I also need my time to recharge my batteries reading something difficult full of content and new knowledge and very rich in action. So, talking about that. I just want to share with you 5 books you must read in 2022 if you haven’t had time yet. 

Just as a brief warning, you will fall in love with these books. There is a lot of fun, romance, complicated relationships, drama and many more. But, I will let you discover everything just by reading by yourself. 

Beautiful world, where are you by Sally Rooney 

The book talks about a writer, Alice, and her old university friend, Eileen. After an ill-fated spell in New York, Alice, who is going through a burn out,does not want to write another book because writing fiction  in her vision is vulgar and “even epistemically violent”. She fell in love with Felix who works in a warehouse and who is also not impressed by her being a famous writer. They met on Tinder and they went on a trip together. They got to discover themselves better. 

In the meantime, we got to see Eileen’s life. She was employed by a Dublin literary magazine, beds her crush, Simon, a political adviser and tries to make her life better. Alice and Eileen often write to one another but never call. In their letters they talk about everything that happens in their lives. The story got so interesting when they both see each other as Eileen and Simon visit Alice in Ireland. It is such a great psychological book you can read between the lines and there is a lot to understand from that.

Beautiful world, where are you by Sally Rooney

The Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkoski

This is my favorite book so far. The story is about two armies valerions and herenian and their long story short got in so many battles over the years. Finally, the valerians are now in charge to rule the city and country and the hreanies became slaves, some and other were exiled. Anyway, they also speak two languages and have different cultures. The daughter of the general, Kestrel has to choose between joining the military or getting married. She does not want any of them. On the other reflection of mirror we have Arin who is a slave that is bought by Kestrel in the begining of book. What happens between them, how is Kestrel going to handle the pressure of his father and where is this story going, you will find out by yourself. No more spoilers. 

he Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkoski

The love hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

This is a funny book, easy to read and very nice to have on your journey if you have a city break or a trip. It is about Olive who kisses a random guy at a party while she saw her friend around wanting to let her know she got over her past relationship as their friend likes the man Olive dated. Long story short she got in a fake relationship with this guy who is a professor at their university and who is well known to be not a nice guy with his students. They got to know each other and we see them develop their characters until the end of the book. A lot of romance, funny moments and a really great way of talking. They shoot one another at what they have to and they do it in a great and funny manner. You must read this book in 2022 if you haven’t done it yet. It is a viral tik tok about it. Don’t lose the trend.

The love hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

A curse so dark so lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

The storyline is similar to Beauty and the beast but a reinterpreted approach. I can tell it was a good book, very complex with a lot of tension and interesting turning points. We have Harper who comes from modern day and gets stuck into another world when she attacks Commander Grey who was carrying a woman away. She thought  he was going to kill the lady. Harper is turned into another reality through Grey. Grey is the one that is helping Rhen to break the curse that has been long agon. The girl brought has to fall in love with him and break the curse. Is not easy but as Harper and Grey get to know each other they realize there is more than curse between them. A slow burning romance, a prince so dark so lonely, a girl so lost and found. It is a must! 

A curse so dark so lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

The gilded wolves – by Roshani Chokshi 

This book is the definition of culture itself. Also the trilogy is full of cultural and historical lines. The action happened in 1889. There we can see the treasure-hunter and Séverin Montagnet-Alarie. Severin is a wealthy hotelier and the elite asked him to go on a mission. In return, Séverin will receive a treasure that he never imagined: his true inheritance.

In order to find the ancient articles, Séverin made a team: An engineer with some debt to pay. A historian who is banished from his home. A dancer with a strange past. And a brother in arms. 

It is an incredible story you should read.

The gilded wolves – by Roshani Chokshi 


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    Interesting choice of books. Are they all sci-fi?
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