There was a lot of discussion regarding the best movie of 2021. Honestly each of them has something special, a little thing that makes them step out of the crowd. Some of them are the second or third movie of a series, others just debuted last year. We can see some improvements when it comes to images, special effects, actor’s playing and so on. Let’s see the best movies of 2021. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home 2021

One of the best movies of the 2021. It was highly anticipated. This is why it made a very positive impression immediately after its theatrical release. There are thousands of theories, trailer reviews, plot options, all well hidden by Sony and Marvel. result? Better than we expected. Spider-Man: No way home is a unique experience that puts you right there.

The film, which recently broke the record for the third largest premiere of all time, is the result of the first trilogy with actor Tom Holland. A three-act character construction that culminated in one of the best hero movies of recent years.

Matrix 4 (The Matrix Resurrections) 2021

The second good movie of 2021 is The Matrix 4 – the premiere of the sci-fi action movie hits theaters on December 22, 2021. The main role is Keanu Reeves. What unfolds as a plot in the film is a continuation of Neo’s story. The famous actor said in an interview with Empire magazine that the script and plot are unique, which is the main reason why he accepted and played the role. However, filming in San Francisco didn’t go as planned, as the film’s explosions wreaked havoc. However, the production is still realistic rather than adding digital effects. This in turn guarantees an authentic experience for viewers and the trilogy’s most ardent fans.

Dune – 2021

The project for a remake of Dune began in 2008, but only in 2016, when Legendary Pictures acquired the rights and then hired Denis Villeneuve, did it end. In short, we are facing a new ambitious attempt to put on the screen the science-fiction epic born of the imagination of the American writer Frank Herbert.

Villeneuve, now a regular in the sci-fi genre (he is proud of Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 in his program), and the stellar cast are the two main ingredients of the recipe that aims to bring back the classic ’60s science fiction to cinema, already transposed on screen in 1984 by David Lynch (who in his day got conflicting opinions and results from both critics and the box office).

Black Widow 2021

“The Black Widow” – Natasha Romanov (Scarlett Johansson), known from “The Avengers”, now with a solo film. The film tells the story of a mission she has been postponing for many years. Natasha will have to look for a truce with other agents as well as other “black widows”, one of whom is Jelena Belova, to help her in her new mission.

The Eternals – 2021

Eternals is a new Marvel movie, an integral part of the fourth phase of the MCU, which tells the story of the Eternals race, their lifestyle, their actions, as the title itself says. The plot is directly related to Avengers: Endgame, as a security that triggers a series of events that lead to an unexpected tragedy for the Eternals community, who have been secretly living on Earth for more than seven thousand years (taking advantage of the classic secret identity trick ).

Bond 25 (No Time to Die) 2021

This is the fifth time for Daniel Craig as Her Majesty’s Secret Agent. It it 25th film dedicated to 007. This movie is the long-awaited new chapter dedicated to James Bond.

This time, Bond is called back to active duty by his friend Leiter in order to find a missing scientist. But his disappearance is just one piece of a global conspiracy. Some scenes were filmed in Italy between Matera, Maratea and Gravina in Puglia. Also some scenes were filmed in Sapri, but changed the name to Civita Lucana. I assume that this movie deserves its rightful place in top best 2021 movies, given the course of the series.

Godzilla vs. Kong 2021

„Godzilla vs. Kong ”- The remake of the 1962 classic film. Godzilla vs. Kong ”is the fourth film in the new“ monster universe ”from Legendary to give new life to the beasts of the film. The plot is clear – the focus will be on the collision of two powerful and fierce creatures all planned in advance to be destroyed and erased forever from the face of the Earth. The secret organization “Monarch” is also involved. They are focused on studying the origin of the two giants.

Cruella 2021

With Emma Stone in the lead role, “Cruella” brought a different perspective on Disney productions. The film establishes a discreet activism. A reflection of a corrupt society.

Emma Stone, the lead actor did a great job. She created such an iconic picture of Cruella we once knew. She basically turned Cruella evil and superficial into a more improved and mature character with a hurt background. The story is very complex with a different ending. You should watch it.

The way Emma embraced the flaws and qualities of the character created the desire for more feature films of the villains already known to the public.

The King’s Men 2021

I really like the movies in this series. As the title suggests, the plot of the movie is rather a setting than a continuation of the first two parts.

The audience will focus primarily on the creation of intelligence, and the plot will take place during the First World War.

The Conjuring 3 – 2021

This third act, addresses the story of the Warren couple. This time they are dealing with a man accused of murder who claims to have been possessed by a demon and James Wan.

The director of the first two films and deus ex machina, said that the plot of this new productions also occupy one of the cases faced by the real Warren. This movie will definitely be part of the top 2021 horror movies.