For those who love the culture of tea, here are 5 benefits of black tea and green tea! If you have a lifestyle that includes tea consumption, here is the place where you should come to inform yourself about black tea and green tea benefits. 

Black tea is a drink consumed a lot in the world. It is known for improving digestion, reducing stress and preventing diabetes. Here are 5 benefits of black tea vs green tea.

Benefits of Black Tea

1. It helps to improve oral health

The feeling of dry mouth is associated with the first sip of tea, and all tea drinkers know this, especially those who drink Earl Grey. In fact, it is the tannin content of black tea that is responsible for this perception. This form of antioxidant also acts as an antibiotic, eliminating harmful bacteria in the mouth. This will help you have good breath and healthy teeth. It is also contained in black tea which is good for the skin.

2. It eliminates free radicals 

Among the benefits of black tea, we count free radicals, these are unstable oxygen molecules that circulate freely in our body. Often these molecules stay together with other types of molecules and form normal chemical compositions. However, free radicals try to attach to our cells, which can damage some healthy cells in the body, causing serious problems. Arthritis, cancer, and asthma are possible causes. One of the benefits of black tea is that it is rich in antioxidants, thus reducing the risk of these diseases. If you want something more intuitive, consider rust on metal. This is exactly the same phenomenon that happens in our body.

3. It improves cardiovascular health 

Flavonoids are antioxidants found in black tea that can prevent various cardiovascular problems such as clogged arteries, strokes, and more. In fact, this antioxidant attacks bad cholesterol by preventing it from oxidizing. In other words, drinking black tea can prevent blood clots from forming and help keep your arteries healthy. Additionally, like most teas, black tea contains polyphenols that help maintain heart muscle function. The benefits of black tea for weight loss is another important fact we must consider!

Benefits of black tea with lemon and mint on the wooden table

4.  It stimulates brain and nervous system

When it comes to refreshing beverages, tea tends to get a bad rap. Most people think of tea as a drink when you want to relax and reduce stress. That’s partly true, black tea, like many other types of tea, has less caffeine. On the other hand, smaller amounts can improve blood flow to the brain without stimulating the heart or overstimulating the brain. The high levels of caffeine and catechins in coffee can cause energy loss within hours of drinking. Tea does not have this effect. See also the benefits of black tea with milk

5. It prevents certain cancer

The power of antioxidants and their effect on free radicals that cause oxidation were mentioned earlier in this article. While it’s good for the immune system, poor oxidation can complicate things. As oxidation affects the cells, they no longer respond correctly to the body’s commands. This can lead to very serious problems such as cancer. Despite a great deal of research, the scientific community remains largely divided on this issue.

Benefits of Green Tea

1. Weight loss 

Surely you’ve heard of metabolism. Green tea increases our metabolism. This is one of its significant advantages! The polyphenols will intensify the oxidation of fat.

2. Control Diabetes 

Green tea may help control diabetes. One of its benefits is to act as a regulator of our glucose levels after meals. As a result, it avoids insulin spikes and fat accumulation. 

3. Help Cardiovascular diseases 

Studies shows that green tea acts on the lining of blood vessels. It helps them stay more flexible and better withstand changes in blood pressure. In addition, the tea could prevent blood clotting, the main cause of heart attacks! 

Green tea

4. Prevent depression

Depression Theine is an amino acid found in tea. It is a substance that has a relaxing and tranquilizing effect: a plus for tea drinkers!

 5. Prevent brain deterioration

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases Researchers have found that green tea delays the deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Research on mice indicates that green tea protects and repairs neurons.