Korean dramas are nowadays preferred by a large amount of public from all over the world because of their ingenious, original and intriguing plots. Korean dramas are bought by other countries and they are successfully welcomed for having such a good plot. Their storytelling it’s absolutely fabulous. They bring to life a lot of characters either from their folklore or a result of their imagination. Now they are considered to be one of the most important machines of making production among Turkey and Mexico. 

The financial budget assigned for Korean dramas are consistent and their visuals are beyond reality. They provide a lot of value by bringing into public attention concepts of contemporary life or fictional folklorical stories that never get old. Even though we are talking about action, romantic or thrillers, they have a really good approach to storytelling for each category. Let’s get straight into the details and see what are the best Korean dramas on Netflix to watch these days.

Something in the rain

Something in the rain tells the story of a woman who put emphasis on her career that became single immediately after we know she is in a burn out relationship.This is the moment when her childhood best friend came from abroad where he had worked and travel  for 3 years. He returned to Korea and then their love story began. There is love, there is a complicated journey of a relationship and there is understanding and team working from two different characters. The age differences will underline where each of them are standing and what their purposes are but also their priorities in life. A beautiful journey where you can see only in books. They will learn how to not give up. Moreover, what really matters in life deserves sacrifices and they make sure you will see that too.

Crash landing on you

When a young beautiful and very rich woman lands by mistake in North Korea she has to learn how to behave in order to stay alive. The story follows her and a young male actor who is a soldier at  the border and who also saved her from being killed or worse. He is the one who tried to help her leave the country without having troubles. It is a heartbreaking story with ups and down that will introduce you to harsh and aggressive reality.

The glory

Revenge stories are the most interesting nowadays. The glory which dropped this month is one of the greatest dramas ever made. The story follows Moon Dong Eun, a young girl who is bullied in school and then forced to drop it, who later on became a primary school teacher. She is determined to get revenge over people who bullied her starting by taking the sons of the man who tortured her the most.  There will be no mercy she said and she elaborated a plan to get her revenge. There is pain but there is liberation. There are a lot of feelings playing around the main character. 

Alchemy of souls

Among all of Korean dramas, this is one of the most loved one. It is the best historical Korean dramas having a lot of fictional implications. The 2 brilliant seasons of alchemy of souls are the most loved dramas these years. After the first season, Alchemy of souls came out with the second one called Light and Shadow. 

Jang Uk is the main lead of this series and he returns from the dead, becoming a hunter of the soul shifters. He meets a young woman who is a prisoner in her home and asks him for help to regain her freedom.

They eventually fall in love and from then on, the story follows an uncertain course. The routine she is stuck in became her curse and the needs of being released is the main target.

Meanwhile for him, nothing else is more important than doing what he is thought to do. He is cold and she is warm. They learn how to work together. But can she teach him how to love again after his first love died in his arms?

The penthouse

 A woman tries to break into high society by becoming the “queen” of a 100-story luxury penthouse in Gangnam. The Gangnam where all the fame, luxury lifestyle and rich people betray themselves to be on top. Would you like to live in such a toxic and carefree mirage? A culture of rich people with fashion taste and unforgivable actions. 

Little Woman

Another Korean dramas that was very loved is Little Woman. A lifestyle of 3 women with 3 different problems that came at different stages in life. What is more important? Love, money or luck? The story begins with a girl who finds a lot of money in a wardrobe with a note left by one of her best friends that died. She is shocked by her death but she finds out that her best friends it’s not what she assumed to be. There begins a journey of  finding who killed her best friends, why she left her so much money and who will claim the prize. 

Business proposal

Two love stories in the mirror. The kind of Korean dramas will make you believe in love again. A business man goes out on a blind date with one of his employees Ha RI not knowing who she is. He eventually falls in love with her character and charisma but it is a cat and mouse situation for a couple of episodes. They fall unexpectedly but they learn to work so well in the end. In parallel, his best friends, Cha Sung-hoon, who work for him fall for Ha Ri’s best friends who move into a new apartment right next to Cha Sung. They fall in love at the first sight and show another face of what love can make us do.

My name

Revenge is a very required characteristics for Korean dramas lately. If Revenge have a face, it will look like the My name series. This drama is so heartbreaking and astonishing having Yoon Ji-woo as the main character who tries to find out who killed her father. Ending up working for a very serious and dangerous criminal she asks and craves for revenge and this is what she’ll get in a way or another.


Amon the Korean dramas, this one has one of the best review of all time. On his way home, a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer gives a conglomerate a taste of his own medicine, while also upholding justice. There is a lot of fun watching this drama and a slow burn romance. Also, the music used in the drama is very uncommon and very well inserted.


A very powerful story for Korean dramas usually, having a bitter taste of a cruel end. Happy ending does not exist for people like him. He is a North Korean spy who jumps into a woman’s university dormitory. They will find themselves in a very fragile situation because he falls in love with the woman who threaten because of a political conflict. Will he follow his heart or his plan?